Helping Send Children To School

In Kenya, parents must pay for their children’s education, and as a result many children are not able to get an education. Denur Crafts provides employment for mothers so that they can earn sufficient income to send their children to school and have an acceptable standard of living. Founded in 1994 with just 4 members, the collective has grown to include over 40 women.  Proceeds pay for members’ children to go to school, with 80 children currently supported by the sale of  Denur’s crafts.

Cultural Safaris

There are many tours that will take you on safari to see Kenya’s amazing wildlife – including the “Big 5” – but only a Kenya Cultural Safari will also let you see firsthand how both traditional and modern Kenyans live. You will experience the warmth and charm of a rural village, see craftspeople at work, see how children learn and play. You’ll visit an elephant orphanage, feed giraffes from your hand, and experience the wonder and majesty of seeing lions, elephants, monkeys, rhinos, zebra, impala, water buffalo, wildebeests and much more in their wild habitat. You’ll eat delicious local food, and gain insight into the complex mix of cultures in post-colonial Kenya that make it one of the most vibrant economies and fascinating places in all of Africa.