Who We Are

Denur Crafts is a small group of people, living in Kenya, who produce native handicrafts and jewelry. The group started in 1994 with just four women and has been growing ever since, presently with a membership of 40 women.

Members are selected according to a few simple criteria. One has to have skills to work by hand and have the possibility to work from their own home environment. We employ those who need a source of income in order to pay school costs for their children and/or raise the standard of living of their family. Women with children, who find themselves jobless, are given first priority. (Children are not involved in any aspect of our production.)

What We Do

We are involved in production of handicrafts including jewelry, soapstone carvings, wooden carvings, baskets, and our signature banana fiber mobiles.  Using local materials and traditional methods, each member creates their own designs. The work is produced in Nairobi and the surrounding areas. We then market it around the world. We mostly do wholesale (see our Partners page here), though Denur Crafts is a familiar sight at music and craft festivals throughout the US and Europe.

What Drives Us


We aim to create employment and incomes for unemployed people in Kenya, especially mothers.  We aim to give mothers the means to send their children to school and provide them with an acceptable standard of living.

We Sell Jewelry & Crafts, Not Beads!